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Ruolo Educator Committente Istituto Comprensivo di Premariacco Periodo May 2015 - June 2015 | Orsaria di Premariaco, Italy Descrizione Filming   workshop   "Video Anch'io   2015",   created   with   the   Laboratorio Audiovisivi Friulano.
Marco Fabbro - C'era Una Volta l'Orto EXPO
I had   the   role   of   Deputy   Chairman   in   the   "Laboratorio   Audiovisivi Friulano"   cultural   association   of   Premariacco.   I   taught,   together   with the    film    director    Giancarlo    Zannier,    theory    and    practice    of    the audiovisual   sector,   for   children   and   adults   who   wanted   to   approach the   world   of   cinema   with   specific   lessons   focused   on   different   areas such as: directing; photography; editing for film; advertising and web.
Role External Educator Committence Middle School of Premariacco Duration May 2014 | Premariacco, Italy Description Workshop   of   filming   for   the   eighth   grade   with   a   practical   project that   was   screened   to   the   theater   of   Orsaria.   The   practical   project "C'era una volta l'orto" was selected to EXPO Milano 2015.
Marco Fabbro - C'era Una Volta l'Orto EXPO